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Trust Our Team to Handle Your Excavation Project Efficiently

RLO can provide the following services either on a stand-alone or a package basis:


RLO has the equipment to clear any site, from small to large.


Sites frequently require that foundations, curbs, and paving, or even entire buildings be removed. We have the equipment to handle the job.

Sediment Control/Storm Water Management

RLO builds stormwater management ponds that filter out pollutants and remove sediment before the cleansed water is released into the drainage system.

Mass Grading

RLO specializes in excavation and grading to meet job schedules and specifications. With the help of GPS Technology RLO is able to drive costs down and efficiency up.

Site Utilities/Paving

Using primarily sub-contractors, RLO can provide our customers with water, sewer, and storm drains as well as paving for their projects.

Fine Grading

Being the final phase, RLO applies the level of detail required to complete the project.

Residential Excavation

RLO provides basement excavation, backfilling, and grading for the homebuilder.


RLO has a substantial fleet of trucks and is able to transport most materials and equipment ourselves.

Natural Wood Waste Dumping Facility

Natural Wood Waste can be dumped at our location in Jessup, MD.

Equipment Rentals

RLO can rent equipment with operators on a time and material basis.

Other Services

If you don't see what you need, RLO can offer specialized services to meet your needs.

Call us today at (410) 531-2288 or email us to find out how RLO can help you complete your project.